Winter Way

Winter Way

The Winter Trail is a pilgrimage route to Santiago choose by many pilgrims entering Galicia, especially in the winter to avoid meeting the difficult passage of the snow capped Cebreiro.

A route that was followed by the different peoples throughout history, from the Romans to the French Napoleonic troops, to make their forays into Galicia.

Over 210 kms, will tour the four Galician provinces, it is still practically the natural channel that marks the Sil River, for a lower ground levels, making it a natural path of communication between the Castilian plateau Galicia and Leon.

Besides the river, there is a peculiarity that identify this route, it crosse much of the Ribeira Sacra, by the South of Lugo, enclaved in the impressive River Sil canyons and dotted by the largest number of Galicia Romanesque churches through the hillsides of the River Minho.

The Via Romana Winery is must spot to rest, to understand and to feel this winter trail; from the balcony of our winery, with a glass of our wines, watching the vinyards, feeling the breeze from the River Sil canyons in the face, . . . eyes closed and then, everything make sense !