Vía Romana Vintage Mencía 2016

Vía Romana vintage mencía 2016 is a D.O. Ribeira Sacra suitable for all audiences and for all meals

06 February 2018

Vinetur,the digital magazine specializing in the world of wine, ensures that our Vía Romana Añada Mencía 2016 is "Probably the best wine on the market to get your purchase right".
Vía Romana Añada Mencía 2016 keeps alive the essence of the first vintage in 1998 where the stillness, the silence in the cellar, the mime in the elaboration adds to the innovation and experience acquired year after year. The fastest runner does not go faster and after remaining a minimum of 8 months in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature and 6 months in the bottle today we can affirm that it is at the perfect time to enjoy without hurry!
Nowadays "Vino de Guarda" is fashionable, we bet for it and they called us crazy, they said that we left late, but the 18 vintages that we have behind us guarantee that letting the wines send is important to take the right steps. Our Via Romana is the example to show that you can enjoy the Ribeira Sacra in a glass of wine.
We hope you enjoy our Via Romana Añada Mencia 2016 as much as we have done it. " No hurries "

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