Ribeira Sacra in the eye of literary tourism

Knowing the locations and geographic settings of successful fiction novels is becoming a growing form of tourism

28 February 2017

Thanks to All that I will give you, Dolores Redondo's latest novel, winner of the Planeta 2016 Prize, the Ribeira Sacra, space in which it is set, begins to climb to that particular train of literary tourism. Redondo has thus become an unexpected ambassador of Ribeira Sacra.

The terraced vineyards on the steep banks of the Miño in Chantada, the small river port of Belesar, also in the Miño; The Heroica winery, inspired by the Via Romana; Monforte and the sanctuary of O Corpiño, in Lalín, are some of the places where the plot of All that I will give you, in the Ribeira Sacra. And, as Dolores Redondo asserts, "the Ribeira Sacra is the central character of the book."

The crime novels of Redondo that make up the call trilogy of Baztán have had a notable influence in the Navarrese municipality of this name, that serves as the scene to them. As the author herself commented on her visit to Monforte, thousands of readers have come to know the scenarios in which the actions of the plot in Baztán are located. "From the tourist point of view, the repercussion was incredible," he said. "People even asked for the cakes I talk about in novels," he said.

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