Via Romana presents the first Galician wine with a vegan certificate

We have proven that in the elaboration we do not use substances of animal origin

03 March 2017

Not all wines are fit for vegans. And how is that possible ?, will ask more than one. Although they are born from the grapes, different products of animal origin may come into play in the subsequent processing. This is the case of some substances that are used in clarification, a practice that guarantees transparency in the color that consumers expect. The winery of the appellation of origin Ribeira Sacra Via Romana now puts its sights on this group of potential customers. His mencía of the harvest of 2015 becomes the first Galician wine with vegan certificate.

The Spanish Vegetarian Union manages the granting of this type of certification for all types of food and beverages. Andrea Ripoll, responsible for projects of that association, participated yesterday in Santiago in the presentation of the new wine, along with the winemaker, Juan Luis Méndez, and the manager of Galicia Calidade, Alfonso Cabaleiro. The inauguration of the first vegan wine was carried out at the Granell Foundation and had a pairing of the menu of Via Romana with dishes made by Javier Olleros, from the restaurant of O Grove Culler de Pau, distinguished with a Michelin star.

"It is fantastic that a winery has the sensitivity to make a vegan wine, without animal products," said the representative of the Spanish Vegetarian Union. They also benefit from this certification, said Andrea Ripoll, those people who are allergic to substances of animal origin that are used in oenology.

The vegan diet not only excludes meats and fish, but also the consumption of derivatives such as milk, eggs or butter. The regulation on wine labeling obliges to report the presence of sulphites, but not the type of substances used in the clarification.

* Via La Voz

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