The Heroica

Via Romana inspires one of the scenarios of the latest winning novel of the Planet Award

02 December 2016

Did you know that our Vía Romana winery inspires one of the scenarios of the latest Planet Prize winning novel? In the novel is "The Heroic, constructed as if it slipped by the slope".

An unexpected death. A dark family secret. The search for truth in the heart of the legendary and unrepeatable land that is Ribeira Sacra, result in All this I will give you, the last novel by Dolores Redondo, winner of the prestigious Planet Award.

Ribeira Sacra, the town of Belesar and its surrounding vineyards are part of some of the scenarios in which this novel of criminal intrigue unfolds that tells how Álvaro suffers a suspicious traffic accident that will end his life. When her husband Manuel arrives in Lugo to recognize the corpse, he discovers that many pieces do not fit into what happened was a simple accident. Manuel is in Galicia with the rejection of his powerful political family, the Muñiz de Davila, and although at first his desire is to escape the disconcerting scenario, he is retained by Nogueira, a retired civil guard ready to discover the truth about the accident In which Álvaro died.

The magic and way of life of Ribeira Sacra cross borders once again, and on this occasion they reach the imagination of thousands of readers who will be able to discover a bit of its essence.

* In the photo, Dolores Redondo, during his visit to Via Romana

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